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  THappy Graduate Student All Finishedhe goal and mission of ABD Solution Company and its team is to help as many students as possible identify the path of least resistance to completing their thesis or dissertation by employing the practical systematic process offered in the TA-DA!™ Resource Tool, TA-DA!™ Methods Journal and email coaching support.

ABD Solution Company in affiliation with Dr. Carter’s Educational Group is committed to assisting graduate students navigate through the maze of their thesis and dissertation process as efficiently and painlessly as possible to help them GET DONE! This vision was the result of years of extensive research, coupled with Dr. Wendy Carter’s own experiences earning her four post-graduate degrees, feedback from hundreds of workshop attendees, and a process of coaching students to completion. Dr. Carter has obtained masters degrees from Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University and a M.S. and Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Professor Carter teamed up with a well-respected businessman Bruce Mosby, who has a passion for education, to form the ABD Solution Company. At ABD Solution Company, we understand that the thesis and dissertation process can seem complex, frustrating, and, at times, overwhelming. This has resulted in many graduate students drifting into the uncertainty of the “All But Done” (or ABD) zone. Professor Carter, Mr. Mosby and their team of specialists worked tirelessly to create and bring to graduate students an effective, engaging, affordable, and easily accessible thesis and dissertation completion system in the form of the TA-DA!™ Resource Tool and TA-DA!™ Methods Journal.

The entire ABD Solution Company team is proud to bring you TA-DA!-Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished™ - a completion system. Through these products, we’re here to support you to Get Done!
Dr. Wendy Carter's Biography --TA-DA!

Dr. Wendy Carter has a passion for helping people succeed.†Raised in a home challenged by poverty, alcoholism, and abuse, along with four siblings, the statistics said that Dr. Carter would not graduate high school or attend college. Ignoring those statistics, she attended Stanford University after graduating from the academically rigorous Boston Latin Academy. That was her escape and her promise of a brighter future. She earned both a B.A. and M.A. from Stanford in six years Ė even after becoming a single parent.

To say Dr. Carter understands the obstacles to success is an understatement. She adopted author Julia Cameroní s ( The Artistís Way) personal philosophy "Leap and the net will appear," to encourage herself throughout her educational career. Earning five degrees from Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, she persevered despite the costs and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Dr. Carter was excited when she was accepted to Carnegie Mellonís School of Urban and Public Affairs for their masterís program in Management and Public Policy.†But as a single parent without financial aid the news was bittersweet. Again, she leapt, and the net appeared with a Patricia Harris Fellowship.

Next, Dr. Carter found funding to attend the nationally-recognized Ph.D. program in sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison.†Securing a six-year research assistantship, Dr. Carter honed the skills she now markets to become the first in her cohort to finish her course-work in the doctoral program.†Even with funding, she found out the hard way that other concerns are just as relevant. Her first attempt to pass her qualifying exams failed. Her second didnít ó despite suffering from depression and managing the rigors of single parenthood.

Research and her own educational trials showed Dr. Carter that 50 of all students drop out of graduate school and 17% drop out during the thesis and the dissertation phase. In response to this startling statistic, she developed an interactive tutorial program designed to alleviate the high attrition rate among graduate students. She also developed a powerful presentation that not only motivates and encourages students, but also gives them workable solutions to their own educational crises.

Today, Dr. Carter successfully manages many roles Ė parent, educator, business owner and motivational speaker. Her daughter graduated cum laude from Howard University. Dr. Carter continues to be an inspiration and invaluable resource to students and educators throughout the country.

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