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Finally Finish Your Degree with TA-DA!™

TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished

Thousands of graduate students have their degrees because they used the strategies taught by Dr. Wendy Carter in TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished™. They have finished writing their thesis or dissertation. Here’s what some have to say:

"TaDa has been very helpful. I especially like the fact that it is uplifting and motivating, keeping me on track to accomplish my goal. While there is a lot of great advice included, the very best advice was to spend at least 12 minutes every day working on the dissertation. I follow that advice religiously, and that has helped me to make tremendous progress. The summer challenge was an unexpected and pleasant surprise that really gave me a lot of motivation to set some realistic goals and achieve them within the 3 weeks. "
D. Anderson, Show Low, AZ


"In my view,  students at whatever level need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  TADA was a really common sense approach to studying.  I wish in retrospect that I had found it online earlier on in my studies.  I found the whole process tough.  Reading material from those who had been there in their research studies was both motivational and  inspiring."  

– Marie-France Lyell, UK Ph.D. Doctoral Candidate

"The PhD Project provides support networks for all minority business doctoral students." said Bernie Milano, president of the KPMG Foundation which administers The PhD Project. "An aid that can assist doctoral students to stay motivated and focused on the dissertation process is very helpful."

"TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished™ interactive CD addresses the needs of all doctoral students, those early in their careers as well as the more advanced students who might be facing issues of procrastination, isolation, and time management."

"The PhD Project and TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished™ collaboration aims to help doctoral students stay focused, motivated, and committed to accomplishing their goals. The PhD Project is providing TA-DA to all minority business doctoral students associated with The PhD Project, including those who will begin their programs this September." Bernie Milano, President of the KPMG Foundation The PhD Project

"She is very inspirational. She has brought up topics and questions that I had for myself and she gave me the answers to all of them." 
– Rochelle Acuna  Arizona State University

"Excellent! Certainly things you wouldn't hear elsewhere that are vital to success.  I highly recommend it." 
– Sydella Blatch Communications major
Arizona State University

"TA-DA! offers excellent step-by-step assistance to students just beginning the dissertation or thesis process and provides structure for those who may have started their work."
– Jacqueline

"Future Ph.D. and Master’s students are fortunate to have TA-DA! as a tool that will guide them through the process.

The point that helped me most was the importance of writing and doing something toward completing my dissertation every day so that I would get closer to my goal of completing it. Well, I finished and truly, ‘the best dissertation is a done dissertation.’ TA-DA! is clearly a cutting edge interactive program that those working to complete their dissertation or thesis will benefit from." – Aneesah Nadir, Ph.D.

“TA-DA! is one of the most beneficial tools I have used to assist me with my master’s thesis. It helped to organize my thoughts and give me some great tips. It helped me to be more productive by doing something every day. I really liked the 12-minute tasks.” – Sharon Smith, Masters Thesis Student

“TA-DA! is an innovative approach to getting graduate students to the finish line! This product updates conventional methods and strategies by employing the latest technology to provide effective, user-friendly tools and advice. Written from the perspective of the student, the CD lays the process out before the student in such a way that the finish line is in clear view. As a bonus, TA-DA! teaches transferable organizing and planning strategies that will be useful for both the master’s thesis and dissertation process. This is a win-win product that I will highly recommend to my students.”
– Elsie Harper-Anderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

“I had just finished my proposal when I was introduced to TA-DA!. What a great program! I have taken many semester-long classes explaining the thesis process, none of which explained the process and what it would take in such detail as this CD-ROM. They even have a budgeting schedule to show you the cost involved with finishing and submitting my thesis! I absolutely recommend this product to everyone starting or going through the thesis or the dissertation process and not sure what to expect. TA-DA! explains everything step-by-step.” –Michelle Jung, Kinesiology Masters Thesis Student

"TA-DA!, created for master's thesis and doctoral dissertation students, is a significant addition to research planning and execution for graduate students. It provides an excellent organized approach to achieving success in the research process. I highly commend it for any graduate student engaged in thesis or dissertation research."
–Dr. Robert M. Canady, Core Faculty Graduate School of Education and Psychology Pepperdine University

“When I met Dr. Carter I had been working on my thesis for three years. I completed my thesis in two months after our first meeting. Dr. Carter laid out step by step the entire process and we created an overall guide based on the required university outline. This helped me to organize my thoughts and begin work on my thesis. With Dr. Carter’s strategies, I was able to complete my thesis.” –Linda Torres-Chiverton Western Intl. University, Phoenix, AZ

"She was very informative and extremely motivating.  It was great to get advice from someone who has been there and done that!"
–Julie Ringler Arizona State University



When asked to identify the most valuable information and insight gained in Dr. Carter’s Practical Steps to Completing a Master's Thesis or Dissertation workshop, students responded:

Excellent! Certainly things you wouldn't hear elsewhere that are vital to success. I highly recommend it.
– Sydella Blatch Communications major, Arizona State University

... I attended the UMCP-Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished Seminar last friday 3/10 where I got to hear you speak again. By the way you are a very awesome speaker.
Geriel, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, UMBC

I love this presentation. It gives me the motivation to get my dissertation done. I attended it last year and wanted to attend it again because it was so good.
— Sociology Doctoral Student

I got to know a lot of new things about budgeting and importance of the right advisor.
— Computer Engineering Technology, Master's Student

Steps to get started with my dissertation and organizing time.
— Industrial Engineering, Doctoral Student

Learning what to expect behind closed doors during the defense.
— Bioengineering, Master's Student

Don’t argue with advisors.
— Industrial Engineering, Master's Student

Hidden Costs.
— MAE, Master's Student

How to deal my with committee.
— Engineering, Master's Student

Practical experience; incremental steps; how I should prepare for dissertation defense segment was very good.
— Industrial Engineering, Doctoral Student

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