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Graduate Students: Do not buy another ebook or take another class or workshop or seminar about how to write a master's thesis or Ph.D. dissertation until you read further.

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Great News -
This Workshop Is Now Available as an MP3 Download


What You Need to Know When Writing a Master's Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation

Dr. Wendy CarterFrom: Dr. Wendy Carter

What will it take for you to complete your thesis or dissertation?

If you know anything about me, you know I am dismayed by the fact that half of all graduate students never get their degree, simply because they never finish their thesis or dissertation. I know that just doesn't have to be the case.

I am passionate about helping graduate students get their degree. That's why I travel to universities and colleges throughout the U.S. to share what I have learned about how to finish writing a master's thesis or Ph.D dissertation. These workshops have helped hundreds and hundreds of students find their way through the writing maze.

Great News - A New TA-DA! Audio Component

We have turned my Practical Steps to Completing a Master's Thesis or Dissertation workshop into an MP3 audio download. Now you can own this one-hour workshop, which led to the creation of the dynamic time-management learning system, TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished™ CD and TA-DA!™ Online.

In this workshop, I share many of the secrets and tips covered in TA-DA!. Tips on:

  • • Setting a Real Deadline & Managing Your Time
    • Understanding the Role of the Advisor
    • Preparing for the Defense
    • Preparing for Unexpected Costs
    • Overcoming Procrastination Issues

Now you can own the same 1 hour workshop Dr. Carter
delivers at colleges and universities around the U.S.

When asked to identify the most valuable information and insight gained in Dr. Carter’s workshop, students responded:

Enjoyed listening to some do’s and don’t as well as tips for thesis and communicating with committee and advisors.

Very encouraging and personal lecturer. Lot’s of good information in regards to the dissertation defense and preparation. …would recommend the seminar for the future.

Great seminar! There were useful tools provided to start my dissertation. Helped to answer some questions that I was worried about asking my advisor.  Good to have knowledgeable people outside of university/committee that can help. Provided info not freely given.  Helped me to realize my advisor’s role ; boy was I expecting too much.

I might be a first year student but the seminar is still helpful in a way considering that some of the strategies discussed are applicable to semester projects and even homework.

Thank you for offering this workshop.  If found your suggestions very helpful, particularly the 15 minute projects and raw journaling suggestions. Often the small details of writing the dissertation such as keeping a methods journal and other small steps which add up to the finish product often end up tripping me up and overwhelming me.  All of these suggestions were very helpful. Thank you again for your valuable suggestions.

Although I am not that far along in the progress toward my PhD, this was a very useful seminar. It gave plenty of information on tools that I will use later in my career.  This was a great use of funds and all graduate students should come to one of these.

I think this seminar was very useful because it has re-motivated me to get my dissertation done. It has also reminded me to get small manageable goals and work on any little part to get my dissertation complete. 

This was a good workshop.  I am already familiar with some of the writer’s block techniques and working with an advisor. The price for printing completed work and cost of research definitely helped.  The website link and books to read was also helpful.

While a lot of this was “common sense” stuff it is very useful to have it all in one place and in the right context.  I think some more people should be encouraged to hear this early on, not just after candidacy and then hear it again when they are ready to start writing.

This was great very inspirational. Got me thinking ahead in organizing my thoughts and agenda. Will use this advice when starting my dissertation and even proposing. This is an excellent talk for any graduate student no matter what the background our progress he/she has made so far. Bravo. Bluntly it is a wakeup call for people who need a shock of common sense to get them going.

Dr. Carter pointed out great things I hadn’t thought about before (traditions, being professional at all times). As a 1st year student, this allows me to organize my track through graduate school.

I felt as though the seminar was very informative. Dr. Carter has proved to be a great resource that I will utilize in the future. I learned a lot of new information and got a lot of my questions answered before the Q & A section began.  This was a great presentation.

I wish I attended this workshop 2 years ago; I could have planned things better. Thank you very helpful

I didn’t have any comments beyond this was a great session; I found the information to be quite useful. L ook forward to being able to utilize Dr. Carter’s help in the coming year.

Listen on the go. Listen at home.

This new TA-DA! audio component, Practical Steps, is designed to be more than a workshop. It's a convenient means of reinforcing time-management and other skills covered in TA-DA — the perfect companion when you go out for a jog, need something to take your mind off housework, or need motivation to get going.


If you are serious about finishing your thesis or dissertation, this workshop will help motivate you and give you tips to help you navigate through the unexpected as you go through the writing process.

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