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Why TA-DA! Works

Accomplishment Means
Getting Done

TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished™ coaches you through writing your thesis or dissertation. It helps you break through the four main roadblocks that graduate students face when writing a thesis or dissertation:

Politics – Avoid the minefields

Motivation – End procrastination & excuses

Resources – Get comprehensive help in one place

Planning – Break it down in easy steps

Whether writing your master's thesis or your doctoral dissertation, TA-DA!™ supports you every step of the way. With dynamic media and real-world examples, TA-DA!™ guides you through your entire thesis or dissertation from planning to defense.


screen shots of dissertation thesis software help provided by TADA


Make Steady Progress on Your Thesis or Dissertation

You begin by setting a date for being done and TA-DA!™ sets up a calendar of milestones for you. You accomplish something every day, even when you only have a few minutes. You also get practical wisdom for managing your academic advisor and committee as well as tips for budgeting, planning, and even rewarding yourself.

TA-DA!™ will help you avoid all the wrong turns in the maze of your graduate program. Every day you’ll look ahead with surprise at how quickly you are reaching your goal – completing your thesis or dissertation and earning your degree.

“[TA-DA!™] helped me to be more productive by doing something every day. I really liked the 12-minute tasks.” — Sharon Smith, M.A.

Real Thesis and Dissertation Writing Experience

Dr. Wendy Carter developed this resource because she needed it to survive. She earned four post-graduate degrees all while battling depression and raising a child. She refined her step by step process for thousands of graduate students who attended her workshops on the way to completing their master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations.

Now, TA-DA!™ brings these strategies, techniques, and tips into your computer, where you can follow Dr. Carter's guidance through practical, hands-on exercises that take you through the process of writing your thesis or dissertation step-by-step.

TA-DA!™ Keeps You from Getting Sidetracked

With TA-DA! ™you learn how to anticipate hidden costs, select advisors and committee members who will be advocates, and choose dissertation topics that will be easier to develop and defend. Finally, with TA-DA!™ you have a systematic approach that will motivate you and keep you on task even if you have little time each day to commit.

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