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Dr. Wendy Y.  Carter, motivational speaker Workshops for Dissertation and Thesis Writers


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Workshop Brochure

Workshop Brochure
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Workshop Evaluations Summary

January, 2006

Download this summary of comments from students who attended a workshop presented by Dr. Carter at MIT


Workshops by Dr. Wendy Carter for Graduate Students


Increase your retention

Increase graduation rates

Dr. Carter has lectured widely throughout the U.S. helping graduate students change the way they think about achieving their academic goals.

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Carter has worked with nationally recognized academic organizations including, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), American Sociological Association (ASA), Arizona State University, and University of Maryland Baltimore County.


Where Dr. Carter has conducted workshops :

American Sociological Association Meetings-- Career Workshops
Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)
Arizona State University
Arizona State University East
Arizona State University West
Boston College
Howard University
The Leadership Alliance Annual Symposium
National Society of Black Scientist and Engineers

University of Louisville
University of Maryland Baltimore County PROMISE (AGEP) Program: Summer Success Institute
University of Maryland College Park
Women in Engineering (WIE)

Last year, the workshop you presented for our graduate students on “Completing Your Dissertation” was very well received and rated as extremely or very valuable by the majority of students who attended.— The Leadership Alliance

"The Graduate Women’s Association is very interested in hosting your workshop on our campus once again this summer. The evaluations from last summer were very positive and the information you shared was very well received".
– Isabel I. Ferrales, Program Coordinator, Career Professional Development, Arizona State University, Graduate College

Workshops for Graduate Students

1. TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished: Session
Practical Steps to Completing a Masters Thesis or Dissertation

  • • Setting a Real Deadline: Time Management
    • Understanding the Role of the Advisor
    • Preparing for the Defense
    • How Much? — Preparing for Unexpected Costs
    • Overcoming Procrastination Issues

2. TA-DA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished: Session
Practical Steps to Selecting a Viable Masters Thesis or Dissertation Topic

  • • Where to Look for Possible Topics
    • Choosing the Best Topic for You
    • Practical Research Strategies

3. Navigating the ACADEMIC Job Market
The Do’s and the Don'ts

  • • Rehearsing the Job Talk
    • Interviewing: Process and Etiquette
    • Negotiating the Job Offer
    • Networking and Mentoring in the Academy

4. Finishing What You Started
Six Major Reasons Why Graduate Students Don’t finish

  • • Pinpointing Common Concerns – Financial, Social And Professional Issues
    • Identifying Keys to Daily Progress
    • Demystifying the Graduate School Process
    • Learning the Unwritten Rules
    • Overcoming the Hurdle

Dr. Carter Has Also Presented:

  • • Lectures
    • Summer Programs
    • Graduate Student Conferences
    • Graduate Professional Development Events
    • Graduate Student Orientations
    • Professional Conferences
    • Brown Bags/ Seminar Lecture Series
    • Career Day/Job Fair Events for Graduate Students
    • Minority Graduate Students Events
    • Graduate Student Events for Women

Dear Dr. Carter,

My name is Lynnette, and I sat in our your TADA workshop at the ASA convention this weekend . . . I learned a lot throughout the conference. More importantly, I am writing to say thank you for doing this workshop. I have been to other workshops concerning the dissertation over the last year, but I really learned much from your workshop. I left ecstatic and with a new energy. I just wanted to write and thank you for your time. I will be ordering the journal and CD (since I lost the raffle), and I think it will be a useful resource. Regards,
Lynnette M-R.

When asked to identify the most valuable information and insight gained in Dr. Carter’s workshop, students responded:

I would like beginning students introduced to these lessons because it would have been helpful to me and can influence attitudes toward the task. Many of the concepts translate to many other tasks as well, eg. Social work, a small business, writing a book, etc. Masters Student

Excellent! Certainly things you wouldn't hear elsewhere that are vital to success. I highly recommend it.
– Sydella Blatch Communications major, Arizona State University

... I attended the UMCP-Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished Seminar last friday 3/10 where I got to hear you speak again. By the way you are a very awesome speaker.
Geriel, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, UMBC

I love this presentation. It gives me the motivation to get my dissertation done. I attended it last year and wanted to attend it again because it was so good.
— Sociology Doctoral Student

How to begin and organize my thesis.
— Civil & Environmental Engineering

I got know a lot of new things about budgeting and importance of the right advisor.
— Computer Engineering Technology, Masters Student

Steps to get started with my dissertation and organizing time.
— Industrial Engineering, Doctoral Student

Learning what to expect behind closed doors during the defense.
— Bioengineering, Masters Student

Don’t argue with advisors.
— Industrial Engineering, Masters Student

Hidden Costs.
— MAE, Masters Student

How to deal my with committee.
— Engineering, Masters Student

Practical experience; incremental steps; how I should prepare for dissertation defense segment was very good.
— Industrial Engineering, Doctoral Student

Make Steady Progress on Your Thesis or Dissertation

You begin by setting a date for being done and TA-DA!™ sets up a calendar of milestones for you. You accomplish something every day, even when you only have a few minutes. You also get practical wisdom for managing your academic advisor and committee as well as tips for budgeting, planning, and even rewarding yourself.

TA-DA!™ will help you avoid all the wrong turns in the maze of your graduate program. Every day you’ll look ahead with surprise at how quickly you are reaching your goal – completing your thesis or dissertation and earning your degree.

“[TA-DA!™] helped me to be more productive by doing something every day. I really liked the 12-minute tasks.” — Sharon Smith, M.A.

Seriousness about the dissertation.
— Electrical Engineering, Masters Student

A way to approach my thesis systematically.
— Electrical Engineering, Masters Student

Time management strategies in the face of adversity.
— Electrical Engineering, Doctoral Student

Suggestions about doing some work everyday seems like a great idea.
— Computer Science, Masters Student

Real Thesis and Dissertation Writing Experience

Dr. Wendy Carter developed this resource because she needed it to survive. She earned four post-graduate degrees all while battling depression and raising a child. She refined her step by step process for thousands of graduate students who attended her workshops on the way to completing their master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations.

Now, TA-DA!™ brings these strategies, techniques, and tips into your computer, where you can follow Dr. Carter's guidance through practical, hands-on exercises that take you through the process of writing your thesis or dissertation step-by-step.

TA-DA!™ Keeps You from Getting Sidetracked

With TA-DA! ™you learn how to anticipate hidden costs, select advisors and committee members who will be advocates, and choose dissertation topics that will be easier to develop and defend. Finally, with TA-DA!™ you have a systematic approach that will motivate you and keep you on task even if you have little time each day to commit.
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